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Wooden veneer exotic cards are made from real wood, processed in micro thickness and made to behave like paper. Microthin wood veneer is converted to wooden veneer business cards, wooden wedding cards, wood veneer greeting cards, wood bookmarks, wooden postcards, wood menu cards, wood program cards, wood place cards, wood reply cards etc. These products are made from micro processed real wood veneer from different parts of the world.
Our in-house printing facility provides for creation of artwork and printing in different formats like screen, digital, laser engraving and cutting, foil printing etc. Customers are recommended to provide their own artwork suitable to ones culture and environment. Blank cards are also available from us. You can choose from our many popular species of wood
Wood Business cards
Multi color print, screen print, laser engraved real wood cards of many species, wood business cards have thickness ranging from 0.45mm (0.017”) to 0.8mm (0.03”), available in blanks as well as printed to your choice. Natural fragrant cards are also available.
Exotic wooden postcards
Postcards are yet another of the collection from wood veneer exotic cards cache
Wood bookmarks
Made from real wooden cards, wood veneer exotic bookmarks are made from 20 different species and printed with images of your choice.
Wooden swipe cards
Made from micro wood veneers to form a rigid card with loco or hico magnetic strips as a biodegradable replacement for short term plastic swipe cards…
Wooden wedding cards
Made mostly from 0.6mm (0.024”) wood veneers, exotic wood wedding cards or wedding invitations are chosen from many different species, printed on urgent basis to meet deadlines . . .
Wooden holiday greeting cards
Wood exotic greeting cards can be chosen from 15 choices of artwork and verses provided periodically on our site from wood card collection.
Wooden envelopes
Made from real wooden cards, wood veneer exotic envelopes are made from 20 different species and printed with images of your choice.
Wooden cards may be kept covered in paper covers to avoid excess drying in air-conditioned rooms or other low humidity area to avoid warping during storage.
We mostly sell our products to Australia, UK, USA, Italy, Germany, France, Belgium, Netherlands and other EU countries. We can also provide personalized products for special occasions as per customer requirements. All from real wood products to match customer requirements.
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